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Die Punching, Cutting, Creasing & Embossing Machine

Manufacturer and Exporter of: Paper Corrugated Machinery, 3/5 Ply Automatic Paper Corrugated board making plant, Corrugated box making machinery, Die Punching Cutting & Creasing Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine and other allied machinery of packaging industry.

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Die Punching, Cutting, Creasing & Embossing Machine



DIE PLATEN is designed for Die-Cutting, Embossing and Creasing Job on Paper, Card Board, Corrugated Board, Fiber Board, Vinyl, Foam, Rubber, Leather, Masonite, Cork Sheets, Polyurethane, Linoleum, etc. This is the right machine for printing presses to emboss stereoscopic designs and letters on delicate printed matters to meet the demand of both Packaging & Printing industries.


  • Machine Is Equipped With 4 No Graded En-24 Shafts
  • Both Sided Main Helical Steel Gears With Steel Pinion
  • Main Driving Double Set Double Helical Gears
  • Fine Adjustment Devices For Register Setting Pressure
  • Equalization With Worm Gear (Steel) Upto Microns Left Right Up Down (With All Eccentric Cam)
  • For Corner Of Platen Are Levelled To Easy Make Ready (All Steel Graded)
  • All Pins Are Grounded * Bushes From Phosphorous Bronze
  • Adjustable Chases To Easily Affix Dies , Can Interchange Die in 2 Minutes
  • Equalization With Worm Gear (Steel) Upto Microns Left Right Up Down (With All Eccentric Cam)
  • Fail Safe Combination Electromagnetic Clutch Adjustable Up To Micro System With Star Delta Operation & Control Panel (Brand-Schneider/Siemens Only).
  • All Bearing Are Of SKF/NBC/FAG Only
  • Fastest Platen Opening (85 Degree) To Provide Press Operator Increased Time To Feed
  • Delivery Greater Productivity Moveable Foot Break System (Sensor Attachments)
  • Machine Is Equipped With Sensors For Timer, Digital Counter, Breaks Etc. Instead Of Limit Switches & Micro Switches For Long Life
  • All Electricals Components & Panel Are Of Schneider/ Siemens/r

Size Platen Size Impression /hour Motor H.P Weight App.
20"x26" 23"x29" 2000 3 H.P.
22"X32" 25"X35" 2000 3 H.P. 3.0MT
25"X37" 28"X40" 1800 5 H.P. 4.0MT
32'"X42" 36"X46" 1300 7.5H.P. 5.5MT
36"X50" 40"X54" 1200 7.5H.P. 6.5MT
42"X62" 46"X66" 900 10H.P. 9.5MT
52"X72" 56"X76" 900 12.5H.P 12.0 MT
65"x90" 69"x94" 750 25.H.P 19.0 MT