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Die Cutting Machine with Hot Foil Stamping Attachment

Manufacturer and Exporter of: Paper Corrugated Machinery, 3/5 Ply Automatic Paper Corrugated board making plant, Corrugated box making machinery, Die Punching Cutting & Creasing Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine and other allied machinery of packaging industry.

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Die Cutting Machine with Hot Foil Stamping Attachment


Die Cutting Machine with Hot Foil Stamping Attachment

The most ideal die cutting & creasing platen press & world class high tech hot foil stamping device that has been introduced for offset printing & packaging industry matching the international standards.


  • Sticker Cutting :- Perfect cut is ideal. The die blade should cut through the face paper & the adhesive should come to stop just before the release of paper. We make it cent percent possible by introducing these features.
  • Micropressure Adjuster :- To keep uniform pressure on left & right side of microns.
  • Steel Rails : - Movable platen runs on special grade hardened ground steel rails to keep uniform pressure up & down.
  • Imported Plate : - It is a part of our export model standard accessories with even surface in microns, which plays key role in cutting perfect stickers, soft crease, PVC sheets, embossing, perfect hot foil stamping impression & any precise jobs.
  • Platen :- Wide opening of platen signifies operation of feedings.
  • Full platen size die cuts perfectly because moving platen is designed half round to give perfect Punch on each and every parts of extra heavy duty.
  • Extra heavy duty clutch wheel, jumbo sized connecting arms, with bronze phosphorus bushes release platen frequently that cuts dies easily.

  • Hot Foil Stamping Attachment With Die Platen Punching Machine
  • Hot Foil Stamping Machine Attachments :- Attachment of hot foil unit with 1 Step, 2 Step, or 3 Step.
  • Heating Plate :-
    (i) 3 Chambers heating plate having 3 separate compartments with separate circuit on control panel to operate any of three or all the three compartment at the same time. It plays key role in minimizing wastage of electricity.
    (ii) Holes are illustrated on complete heating plate to fix blocks with screw instead of pasting. It gives perfect registration on each & every impression.
    (iii) Heating plate is fitted with digitally displaced machine with thermostatically heaters.
  • Revinder Unit :- Revinder units are separate for each foils.
  • Jumpers :- Jumpers are designed with advanced technology to minimize wastage of foils.

Size Platen Size Impression /hour Motor H.P Weight App.
20"x26" 23"x29" 2000 3 H.P.
22"X32" 25"X35" 2000 3 H.P. 3.5MT
25"X37" 28"X40" 1800 5 H.P. 4.5MT
32'"X42" 36"X46" 1500 7.5H.P. 6.0MT